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Seafoam Products - Frequently Asked Questions

about Seafoam: Find out how Seafoam products work to clean and maintain engine, fuel and lubrication systems. Find answers on how to use Seafoam, the types of products available, frequency of use, and more.

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What is Seafoam?

Seafoam is a line of automotive and boating products designed to clean and maintain various engine components, fuel systems, and lubrication systems. It is a trusted brand known for its ability to improve engine performance and extend the life of vehicles and marine equipment.

How does Seafoam work?

Seafoam products work by effectively removing harmful deposits and contaminants from internal engine components. When added to the fuel system or lubrication system, Seafoam dissolves paint, carbon deposits and other residues, helping to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and restore engine power.

What types of Seafoam products are available?

Seafoam offers a range of products for different applications. Some of the popular options include Seafoam HIGH MILEAGE ENGINE TREATMENT, Seafoam IC5 FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER and Seafoam SPRAY. Each product is formulated for a specific purpose, such as cleaning fuel injectors, lubricating moving parts or improving gearbox performance.

Can I use Seafoam on both petrol and diesel engines?

Yes, Seafoam products are safe to use in both petrol and diesel engines. They are formulated to work effectively on various fuel types and cause no damage to engine components.

How often should I use Seafoam products?

Frequency of use depends on several factors, including type of vehicle or equipment, driving conditions, and maintenance history. As a general recommendation, the use of Seafoam products every 3,000-5,000 miles or as part of a regular maintenance program can help keep your engine clean and running smoothly.

Can I use Seafoam on motorcycles and boats?

Absolutely! Seafoam products are suitable for motorcycles, boats and other marine equipment. They can help solve common problems affecting these vehicles, such as deposits in the fuel system, erratic slowdowns and poor performance. Always follow the instructions on the product packaging for the specific application.

Is Seafoam safe for catalytic converters and lambda sensors?

Yes, Seafoam products are safe for catalysts and lambda sensors when used correctly. They do not contain ingredients that could damage these components. However, it is important to follow the instructions and ev

How do I use Seafoam products in my fuel system?

To use Seafoam products in your fuel system, simply add the recommended amount directly to your fuel tank. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the product packaging to determine the correct amount to use based on the capacity of your tank.

Can I use Seafoam as an additive in motor oil?

Yes, Seafoam can be used as an additive in motor oil. Before performing an oil change, the recommended amount of Seafoam can be added to the existing engine oil. Carefully follow the instructions on the product packaging to determine the correct amount to use.

How long does it take to see results after using Seafoam?

Results may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle or equipment and the amount of deposits present. In some cases, you may notice immediate improvements, such as smoother engine running or quicker throttle response. In other cases, regular use over multiple miles or hours of use may be required for optimal results.

Can Seafoam Help Fix Cold Start Problems?

Yes, Seafoam can help resolve cold start problems caused by deposits and contaminants in the fuel system. Adding Seafoam to the fuel tank can help improve combustion and injector cleanliness, making it easier to start the engine even in very cold conditions.

Can I use Seafoam while marine equipment is being stored?

Yes, Seafoam can be used during the marine equipment storage period. Before storing the boat or other equipment, Seafoam can be used to clean the fuel system, prevent deposits from forming, and protect components from damage caused by prolonged stalling.

Can Seafoam fix black smoke from exhaust?

Seafoam can help reduce black smoke from the exhaust in some cases. Black smoke can be caused by incomplete combustion or deposits in the engine. Regular use of Seafoam can help improve combustion and cleanliness of components, thereby reducing black smoke.

Where can I buy Seafoam products?

Seafoam products are available at